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Self-Sustainability and Preparedness in Hawai’i, what will it take…

November 16, 2017
6pm   -   8pm
West Hawai'i Civic Center, Council Chambers

The November 16th West Hawai’i Community Forum will explore the companion subjects of “Preparedness and Sustainability” in Hawai’i.

Experts will explore supply-chain vulnerabilities of island living, and current efforts and future possibilities for greater food and energy independence through sustainable practices – with the goal of lessening these external daily life dependencies for Hawai’i Island residents and its economy.

Panelists will also provide guidance on ways to create sustainable and complete systems that enable locally produce food, home grown clean energy options, ensure access to clean water, process and reuse of waste, and equally important, do this in harmony with the environment in which we all depend.

SUSTAINABILITY – like a mythical Utopia, first imagined 500 years ago by Sir Thomas More, sustainable living is something often held as an aspirational goal, but rarely seen.  Here in Hawai’i, the definition of “sustainability” means many things to many people.

This November’s forum Sustainability in Hawai’i will focus on Hawai’i island’s supply-chain vulnerabilities of island living, our preparedness as an island state to major disrupting events, such as super storms, and the possibilities of greater food and energy independence from our current mainland supply chain through sustainable practices that play an important role in lessening external dependencies to daily life in Hawai’i.

Sustainable practices in energy, agriculture and daily living will enable greater island independence from imported food stocks and energy – two key elements to island life.   A primary goal of this forum will be educating our island wide community on real world applications, opportunities, and solutions that serve as building blocks to a self-sustaining lifestyle and economy for Hawai’i island.

Normally the subjects of sustainability and preparedness might be addressed separately, however, the connection between climate change impacts of weather pattern changes, droughts, super storm events, sea-level rise) and Hawaii’s dependence on a fragile supply-chain is undeniable.

PREPAREDNESS – Experts will address the questions and opportunities in creating greater resiliency for our island community in face of new challenges from climate change impacts and potential global disruptions of an external supply-chain in which Hawai’i is all too dependent.

Hawaii Microgird-2Presenters representing the local island agricultural community experience will speak on the progress of of Hawaii island’s agricultural community’s transition to sustainable farming practices as pathway to self-sufficiency.

The life-disrupting events recently experienced in Puerto Rico and other island states is a wake up call for island residents.  With supercharged storms fueled by global warming become increasingly the norm, diversifying and distributing power generation across the island, and integrating these robust power options into the grid is in everyone’s interest.  The proven reliability, cost and operating efficiencies of distributed micro-grids have proven far more resilient to major weather events, and 24×7 solar + storage, wind, and other zero emissions options (customer and utility based) represent far preferable environmentally compatible options to the utility status-quo.

Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich, “Rooftop solar paired with batteries is a scale-able, cost-effective option and capable of strengthening electric grids worldwide, especially in remote island regions.”

Sunrun chairman Edward Fenster,  “We build solar panels to withstand 150-mile-an-hour winds — if the roof stays on your house, the solar panels stay on your roof…and batteries are real-life safety equipment. From a broad perspective, solar and storage can strengthen grids everywhere.”



Join us November 16, 2017 at 6pm.

Doors will open at 5:30 pm, pupus and beverages will be served prior to the program. The program is free and open to the public.

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