Fritz Klasner

Natural Resources Program Manager

Fritz Klasner is the Natural Resources Program Manager for the Office of Mauna Kea Management. He is responsible for developing and implementing management programs designed to protect and enhance Maunakea’s unique and sensitive cultural and natural resources. He is responsible for reviewing all project proposals, and makes staff recommendations to approval or not approve to the Maunakea Management Board and Kahu Ku Mauna. He is currently overseeing the ingress/egress infrastructure project near the Visitor Information Station and the decommissioning of the Caltech Submillimeter Telescope.

Mr. Klasner earned his Masters of Science degree in Geography from Oregon State University. Before joining OMKM, he worked at Kenai Fjords National Park as their resource manager, and served as an ecologist at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


November 8, 2018
MAUNAKEA: Stewardship of the Mountain