Henry Curtis, Moderator

Web Journalist

Community organizer, videographer, director, producer, peer reviewer, moot court judge, community facilitator, and provides expert testimony on alternative clean energy.

Author: Navigating Hawai`i’s Energy Future (June 2012) by Henry Curtis

Represented LOL in over thirty regulatory proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Serves on the PUC Reliability Standards Working Group (RSWG) and the RSWG Minimum Load & Curtailment Subgroup.

Appointed by the PUC to the HECO, MECO, HELCO Integrated Resources Planning (IRP) Advisory Group.

Appointed as the IRP Advisory Group Model Review Representative to review HECO’s use of the Ventyx Strategist Resource Optimization program.

Life of the Land (LOL)

Executive Director & Vice President

July 1994 – Present, Honolulu

Hawai`i’s own energy, environmental and community action group advocating for the people and `aina for almost four decades. Our mission is to preserve and protect the life of the land through sound energy and land use policies and to promote open government through research, education, advocacy and, when necessary, litigation

IlIlana Media

Web Journalist   http://www.ililani.media/

April 2010 – Present, Honolulu


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