Bo Kahui

La'i'Opua 2020
Executive Director of La'i'Opua 2020

As Executive Director of La’i’Opua 2020, and past member of the Kona CDP Action Committee, Bo Kahui  brings a community perspective on the current direction of the County’s General Plan.

CDPs are enabled by Hawai’i County Code Section 16-2 and administered by the Planning Department.  They serve as the forum for community input into establishing County policy at the regional level and coordinating the delivery of County services to the community.  They translate the broad General Plan statements into actions as they apply to specific geographical areas.  The CDPs direct physical development and public improvements and may contain detailed land use and zoning guide maps, plans for roadways, parks, other infrastructure and public facilities, planning for watersheds and natural resources, and any other land use matters relating to the planning area.


March 10, 2016
Hawai’i County’s General Plan in Review