Mary Robblee

Kona Soil and Water Conservation District

Mary Robblee, is a representative for the  Kona Soil and Water Conservation District (KSWCD),  a governmental subdivision of the State of Hawaii organized under Hawaii State Law, Chapter HRS 180.

(KSWCD incorporates available technical, financial and educational resources and to apply them in manner that serves the needs of local land users in their conservation and management of soil, water, and natural resources.  The KSWCD serves land users within, and the Community of North and South Kona on the Island of Hawaii, and is committed to the promotion of wise land use and resource stewardship.

Mary has lived on the Big lsland for the past 13 years, and in the 9 last years she has worked for KSWCD.  Her education and professional experiences include an EPA Watershed Academy’s Watershed Management Certificate, BS in Communications from Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Quincy College, also in Massachusetts.   Her watershed management experience and related knowledge has developed during her time with KSWCD, supplemented with online training, observing the land, and field experience.    In Mary’s own words “…In my current position I have had the unique opportunity to walk much of the land in North and South Kona including forest, pasture and crop land.  The people managing those land have taught me a great deal and most of what I learned about protecting our watersheds is that how we treat the land will impact the way the land treats us.”


April 21, 2016
Soil and Water Management Challenges in Southwest Hawaii County