Mayor Harry Kim

Mayor, Hawaii County

Harry Kim was educated at Southern Oregon State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Education & Sociology and a Master of Science and Economics degrees. He was a medic in the U.S. Army and later a public high school and also a college teacher. He began working for the County of Hawai‘i as the Law Enforcement Assistance Agency Director 1972-1976, Civil Defense Administrator 1976-2000, and a two-term Mayor from 2000-2008.

Harry served as an international advisor on natural disaster response systems for Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Honduras; selected by National Academy of Sciences to review the volcanic hazards program of the U.S. Geological Survey; selected by UNESCO and UNDRO to be a contributor in the development of an emergency management handbook for volcanic events distributed by United Nations.


May 23, 2019
2019 Hawaii County Budget Forum