Noel Morin

Big Island Electric Vehicle Association

Noel Morin is a Sr. Manager at eBay, a local business owner, and real estate investor.  He has owned a Nissan LEAF since 2011 and also drives a Tesla Model S. He is an advocate of eco-friendly practices and ‘fuels’ his home and vehicles with solar power.  Noel resides in Hilo.

The Big Island EV Association is comprised of electric vehicle enthusiasts who actively promote the adoption of EVs on the island of Hawaii.  They educate the general public about the advantages of EVs – the environmental and cost of ownership benefits, and the superior driving experience – and address questions regarding purchase experiences, charging infrastructure, and ownership.

The Big Island EV Association is working on expanding the island’s charging infrastructure. They collaborate with local government and business leaders, and charging station companies to encourage investment in charging stations across our island.


June 15, 2017
Beyond Oil – Hawaii’s Clean Energy Promise