Paul Bryant

2016 Hawai'i County Mayoral Candidate

Paul Bryant’s top priorities for Hawaii County as Mayor:

a.) Creating our own energy company or making sure the county selects and supports a variety of renewable energy projects that will remove us from the current cycle of use and abuse.

b.) Finding a way to remove 100’s of acres of eucalyptus to bring that Ag land back from long-term isolation and into the arena of future food productivity. It was a huge blunder to begin with that has benefited few while creating road hazards and possibly catastrophic fire dangers.

c.) Create a truly functional island wide public transportation service. Hele-on Buses that keep to a set daily schedule and make it possible for the public to access them much like the former Greyhound mainland service of rural connectivity had in place. It now seems warped to serve a few at the expense of the whole populace and needs serious overhauling and cont’d oversight.

The way our county interfaces with the state is important and if it cannot be made equitable in terms of Big Island’s importance to the economic health of ALL the state then it too needs to be re-examined and revised. I could go on and list ten or more PRIORITIES but each is a niche problem that must be looked at afresh since old solutions have proven lacking.


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June 22, 2016
Meet the 2016 Hawaii County Mayoral Candidates