Rick Gaffney

President, Rick Gaffney & Associates, Inc.
Owner, Pacific Boats & Yachts, LLC

Born In Honolulu, owner of Pacific Boats and Yachts, Rick Gaffney is very familiar with Hawaii’s diverse marine ecosystems and waters, and locally, wastewater impacts on West Hawaii’s marine environment surrounding Honokohau area.

As consultant to local governments on marine issues, Rick developed Ocean Recreation Master Plans for both the Kapalua, Maui and Waikoloa, Hawaii resort areas.  Rick was also consultant in the development of a Sport Fishing Development Master Plan for Papua New Guinea, and consultant to Maui Land and Pineapple Co. in the establishment and implementation of the Honolua/Mokuleia Bay Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD).  He was active in the establishment of the Molokini Shoals MLCD, the Manele/Hulopoe MLCD on Lanai and the Old Kona Airport MLCD in Kailua-Kona, and in the creation of the Papahanaumokuakea National Marine Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Rick has also been a marine consultant to numerous ocean recreation businesses, private organizations and government  entities on  subjects including fishing, diving, personal water craft, para-sailing and cruise boat  operations in Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Mauritius,  Mexico,  Thailand,  Tonga, New Zealand, Palau, Pohnpei, Yap,  Chuuk, Republic  of the Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Maldives, Costa Rica,  Australia, Kiribati, People’s Republic of China and Japan.

EDUCATION: Oregon State University,  Bachelor of Science (Political Science) 1970.  Advanced studies:  University of Hawaii (Asian Studies),  University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography, and a Fellow in Marine Environmental Journalism.

PUBLICATION CREDITS,  Magazines:  Sea, Motorboat, Boating, Skin Diver, Blue Water, Modern Fishing, Motor Boating and Sailing, Game Fish, National Fisherman, Boat Now, Latitude 20, Jetaway, Outside,  Runner’s World, Triathlon,  Pacific,  Hawaii, Pacific Fishing, Western Boatman, Modern Boating, Sport Fishing,  Power and Motor Yacht, Sport Diver, Club Marine, Cruising World, International Gamefisherman, Marlin Magazine, Yachting, Salt Water Sport Anglers, Asian Marine, Western Outdoors, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Tournament Fisherman, Trailer Boat, and many others, including Field Editor: Hawaii Fishing News (25+ years, retired), Hawaii Editor: SaltWater Sportsman, Pacific Editor: Blue Water Boats & Sportsfishing (retired), Regular Contributor: Marlin, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, etc.

Outdoor Writers Association of America Awards: “Best Saltwater Fishing Magazine Stories of 1998 and 1999”


April 20, 2017
Hawai’i Island’s Wastewater — Problems, Plans, Clean Water?