Steve Sakala

Hawai'i Farmers Union United
President, Hawai'i Farmers Union United, Kona Chapter

Steve is the President of the local chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United, which is part of the oldest agriculture organization in the country.  Hawai‘i Farmers Union United is affiliated with the National Farmers Union and is recognized and respected as a voice for farmers, ranchers, and fishermen throughout the Hawai‘ian Islands.

Hawai‘i Farmers Union United empowers its members to earn a prosperous living through regenerative stewardship of our lands, waters and communities.  Hawai‘i Farmers Union United is active through vibrant community chapters throughout the Hawai‘ian Islands.   HFUU represents and advocates for family farmers and ranchers, focused on smallholder and diversified family farms that implement regenerative techniques in growing and raising our food will create a resilient, vital and productive agricultural system to better feed Hawai‘i’s people.

Steve Sakala has been a leader in the sustainability movement for almost 20 years.   He believes strongly in the power of models as a tool to demonstrate the simplicity and necessity of sustainability.  He has dedicated his adult lif­e to building such models.  Steve is founder and co-owner of Honaunau Farm, a 7.5-acre model farm that focus on diversified agriculture, education and community building.   He has educated hundreds of students from all over the world at Honaunau Farm on a wide variety of sustainability issues.

Steve has been a sustainability consultant for 15 years including several years in W. Africa.  He has been living and working in Hawaii for the past 10 years and has worked on a diversity of projects including renewable energy, permaculture, green building, animal husbandry and soil health.


April 21, 2016
Soil and Water Management Challenges in Southwest Hawaii County