Tom Travis

resident energy expert
  • Community Volunteer, County of Hawai’i Geothermal Public Health Working Group—2012-13
  • Studies Director, Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA), US Joint Staff and US Joint Forces Command—2005 to retirement from Government Service in 2012
  • Assistant Director, Joint Advanced Warfighting Program (JAWP), Institute for Defense Analyses—2002-04
  • Program Manager, Booz-Allen and Hamilton—2000-02
  • Director, Maritime Battle Center—1998-00
  • Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander, Carrier Group Eight 1996-98
  • Commander, Submarine Squadron Eleven 1994-96
  • Director, Navy Modeling and Simulation 1993-94
  • Senior Fellow, Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, US Naval War College, Newport RI  1992-93
  • Instructor, Submarine Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO) School—1990-92
  • Commanding Officer, USS New York City (SSN 696)—1988-90


September 17, 2015
Energy Independence, Hawai’i Style