The Organization and its Mission for the Community of Hawai’i Island

Community Enterprises was founded in 2005, and in 2017 renamed Community Forums to better reflect the organization’s mission.  We are a private non-profit organization with a 501c (3) designation from the IRS. As a non-profit, Community Forums depends on public and private grants, and audience donations to develop, produce, and present a monthly forum series for our island community, and to provide an interactive digital media resource for greater Hawai’i county residents and businesses.

The Community Forums (CF) board of directors are unpaid volunteers. The board is responsible for the fulfillment of the Organization’s mission to the Community, including the creation, promotion, and production of all aspects of the West Hawai’i Forum series.

The goal of the West Hawai’i Forum series is a better informed and civically engaged Hawai’i Island community.

The West Hawai’i Forum series offers the community an initiation to timely forum topics and public policies affecting life on Hawai’i Island and beyond.

The West Hawai’i Forum Series

The monthly Forum series explores in depth current topics of importance to the residents of Hawai’i County, and offers opportunities for citizen participation in issues that affect their daily lives and the Community as a whole.

The West Hawai’i Forum series features multiple presenters from the private and public sectors, experts in their field, and often offering opposing viewpoints or positions designed to provide the public with an essential range of information in order to develop and promote a better understanding of Forum subjects and issues.

The Forum format is a two hour moderated event, with issue-specific expert presentations, and with audience Q&A participation during the second half of the Forum.  Beyond the live town hall forum events, cable TV access viewing of forum events is available through NaLeo TV, and on-demand streaming from the West Hawai’i Forum web site.

Direct audience participation with presenters and subject matter are key components of the Forum experience and further supported through a community discussion portal and external news content specific to past, present and future scheduled Forums – all together Community Forums seeks to offer the community a complete and interactive education experience on issues that matter to the community we serve.

A Digital Extension of the Forum Series

In 2015-16, Community Forums introduced a completely new web site and interactive community forum library. We continue to enhance the on-line experience, which is freely available to the community at:  

The West Hawai’i Forum “Web Site” serves as an on-demand library of Past Forums, offering a timely public record of events and issues facing Hawai’i island and beyond.

The rich supporting content of the Past Forums web site section serves as an important information resource and interactive digital experience for the community we serve, featuring: on-demand streaming and HD viewing of Past Forums, with access to speaker presentations and other supporting content of forum subjects — and available through various internet channels, including mobile and social media.