Community Forums Supporter Benefits

Community Forums is a private non-profit organization. Our organization’s staff and board members are all volunteers, unpaid, and generously provide their time and resources to help fulfill the Organization’s mission.

Community Forums relies on your donations to enable the all-volunteer and non-profit organization to fulfill its mission of public education of the issues facing Hawaii and the world beyond.  Your donation supports the Community of Hawai’i Island and encourages greater public participation in the public policy issues that affect the big island and its island neighbors. A better informed and civically engaged public.

An annual donation of $25 or more will help Community Forums continue to host the West Hawaii Forum series, both as town hall meetings and expanded online access to all of  Hawaii and beyond through on-line access to past Forums, community conversations, and speaker presentations.  Your support also helps ensure Community Forums can provide you the highest quality forum events and presenters.

Community donations have helped Community Forums to introduce in 2015 to the West Hawaii Forum web site and on-demand forum library resources.  This Community-oriented on-line resource features a complete on-line informational library resource on “Past Forums” page and issues that matter most to the residents of Hawai’i.   To learn more visit the West Hawaii Forum web site at:

The streaming of Forums and accessing relevant topics and related content through the West Hawaii Forum web site provides the community we serve with access to, and direct participation in, forum subjects of interest, and forum engagement that is no longer restricted by specific forum times, dates, or event location.

With your donation you will also receive by email an advance copy of Community Forums’ program plans for future forums and other community-specific communications.

By joining the Community Forums community with your donation you help to ensure that future forum events better serve our island Community.