Blue Zones and Beyond, Healthy Living in Hawai’i

February 11, 2016
6pm   -   8pm
West Hawai'i Civic Center, Council Chambers

Hawai’i County is one of more than 20 communities across the U.S. now taking part in the Blue Zones movement of well-being, one that promises a healthier life for all.   Hear from healthy living experts from both in and outside the Blue Zones who will discuss lifestyle and nutritional changes, and techniques that offer proven ways to improve the quality of life for you, your family, and the community as a whole.

Learn about the Blue Zones Project and its Power 9 plan, a lifestyle and nutrition guide to a healthier and happier life at both work and at play.   Who will be living in the Blue Zones, and how will living Blue Zones impact your  lifestyle: work sites, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, communities, families , faith-based organizations, and individuals.  Join us February 11th and learn the answers to these questions and much more…

This forum took place on February 11, 2016, at 6pm at West Hawai'i Civic Center, Council Chambers.

The event's featured speakers were:

Carol Ignacio
Blue Zones Project, Hawaii
Jack Ebner
Healthy Seminar Series
Maya Parish
Maya Parish Yoga
Randy Kurohara
County of Hawai‘i

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