Bill Bugbee

President, Community Enterprises
  • Chairman of the board and President of Community Enterprises  (dba Community Forums)  (2017)
  • Board of Directors, Community Enterprises  (2015 – 2017)
  • Program Committee, Director, Community Forums
  • Digital Media, Director, Community Forums
  • Community volunteer and advocate
  • Chief Executive, Globetrans EC (


ALOHA 2018

Dec. 27, 2017 – letter to the Community

Aloha Community Supporters,

Beginning 2018, I will leave Community Enterprises and focus my volunteer time on other projects that also serve our island community. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

I have dedicated the past three years toward helping to fulfill a vision of expanding the West Hawai’i Forum series outreach and our organization’s promise to better educate the community on important issues affecting island life.

These efforts have included encouraging greater civic involvement on issues important to the communities of Hawai’i Island and to the island life we all value.  During this past year, serving as President of Community Enterprises, I’m satisfied my efforts and those of my fellow board members have been successful toward this end.

As an active and contributing board member to Community Forums, I led the expansion of the forum series education mission to a newly adopted spirit of “One Island, One Community,” creating and introducing the West Hawaii Forum web site ( that has enabled the organization to reach all of Hawai’i Island and serve as a resource library and a public record for the community to explore a range of topics from climate change, energy, water, and marine resource management, to our homeless population, taxation, county and state budget and legislative priorities, and other timely topics.

In developing forum subjects through our Program Committee and your input, we successfully recruited local and off-island community leaders and subject experts to present their views, findings, and experience, and to answer your forum questions.  With the help of NaLeo TV, we also produced professional quality video records of forum events for broadcast and to serve as a permanent public record for the West Hawaii Forum web site and on-demand media library; free to the community.

My special thanks to my fellow board members Scott Ordway, Isaiah Heyer, and Jane Clement for their assistance, contributions, and support in helping to make the forum series possible.

I encourage each of you to consider joining the all-volunteer board of Community Enterprises and contribute your ideas and efforts in fulfilling the community issues-education mission of the 2018 forum series and beyond.

On Thursday evening, January 18th, Community Enterprises will hold its Annual Board Meeting & Elections of Officers; a meeting open to all of the community. Anyone interested in participating in the annual meeting or considering joining the 2018 board of directors is welcome and encouraged to come. A public meeting notice will follow.  For more information on the organization, please visit:

mahalo a nui loa for your support,

Bill Bugbee

Chairman and President, Community Enterprises  (dba Community Forums)


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