Isaac Moriwake, Esq.

Attorney, EarthJustice, Mid-Pacific Office

Isaac Moriwake is an attorney with EarthJustice, based in their Honolulu, HI mid-pacific headquarters.

Mr. Moirwake has over a decade of experience litigating before federal and state courts and agencies on a range of issues, including water rights, Native Hawaiian rights, shoreline protection, endangered species, environmental health and disclosure, and clean energy.

He graduated from Pomona College in International Relations, and from the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaiʻi. After law school, he clerked for Justice Paula A. Nakayama of the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaiʻi.

Attorney Isaac Moriwake, on behalf of the Sierra Club, has argued before the PUC with respsect to the NextEra acquistion of Hawaii’s private electric utility Hawaiian Electric (and its operating companies HECO, HELCO, and MECO serving the majority of Hawai’i), that NextEra Energy has been asked by Hawaii’s legislators, regulators, and energy industry stakeholders to detail its plans for Hawaii’s energy future, and …“So far they have insisted they are not going to provide any specific plans until the merger is approved,” he said. “That is exactly backwards. How can the PUC ensure that NextEra is the right fit for Hawaii without such disclosure?”

An expert on the energy sector and laws governing utilities, Mr. Moirwake will present his analysis on the PUC NextEra decision what the public can expect going forward from that decision and for Hawaii’s goal in achieving a 100% renewable and clean energy future by 2045.


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