Jack Ebner

Healthy Seminar Series

Jack Ebner earned a Ph.D. Biophysiology from the American College of Health Sciences.

Jack has a health consulting practice in the Kona area and has provided Health Education classes across the Big Island for 25 years. He has helped many people restore themselves to a higher level of health using the self-healing and repairing powers inherent within the human organism.

Jack offers the “Healthy Seminar Series” which focuses on the causes of health versus the orthodox treatment of disease which is to manage/suppress it rather than removal of causes, recognizing that a healthy diet is only one part of the formula for health.  If one’s personal health challenges are in the acute or chronic stages, with diet and lifestyle modifications, most conditions will improve and possibly clear up completely over time.

Jack teaches that it is physiologically impossible to be as healthy as you are capable of being without paying equal attention to a multiple of important requirements for vibrant health. If you want real robust health, a vibrant spirit and the best chance to avoid serious disease, or to resolve health challenges you are already experiencing.


February 11, 2016
Blue Zones and Beyond, Healthy Living in Hawai’i