Maria “Sole” Aranguiz


Sole has 18 years of experience in various fields of Transportation. Upon completing her BA in Geography, Sole joined the MPA program at CSU-San Bernardino. After graduation, Sole worked for several public agencies on a wide range of Transportation Projects. In 2000, she joined the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as a Transportation Planner. She later joined the City of Corona, in 2002, where she managed the City’s transit program. She returned to Caltrans in 2008 to serve in various capacities. For the past five years, she was the Chief of Forecasting, Traffic Analysis, and System Planning at District 8 (Riverside/San Bernardino counties). In her previous role, Sole directed her team on projects that effectively integrated policies, technical elements, and demographic factors within the context of land use and transportation planning. Additional projects included addressing travel demand analysis, Asset Management, sustainability, Complete Streets, and multi-modal needs. For the past three months, Sole has been actively engaged on developing new partnerships, addressing system deficiencies, and working closely with consultant crafting the Master Plan for Mass Transit – She is looking forward to implementing the many transportation strategies identified in the Plan – starting with system wide improvements focused on ridership and reliability.


May 24, 2018
Mayor’s County Budget for FY 2019