Rep. Nicole Lowen

House, District 6
State Representative

A resident of Kailua-Kona for more than 20 years, Nicole has been serving as your State Representative since 2012. She currently serves as Chair of the House Committee on
Energy & Environmental Protection and the House Committees on Judiciary and Water, Land, & Hawaiian Affairs.

Nicole was born on the mainland, but moved overseas as a baby. She grew up abroad moving from country to country every few years due to her father’s career in the foreign service. She never had a place to call home until finding one here on Hawaii Island.

Before becoming involved in local politics, Nicole was a teacher and school administrator at Hawaii Montessori School in Kona for a decade, and, like many Kona residents, often had more than one job to make ends meet. She has also worked as a waitress, a realtor, and in customer service at a local dive shop.   Nicole first became involved in politics while in graduate school studying planning and environmental policy.  In 2012, she worked at the State Legislature and had the opportunity to see government in action in person. After working at the legislature, it became clear that government must be changed from the inside and made more transparent and accountable. With the encouragement of colleagues, friends, and family, Nicole made the leap and decided to run for office.


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