Vincent Paul Ponthieux

Blue Planet Research
Director and Chief technology Officer
  • Director and CTO of Blue Planet Research, LLC
  • Architectural and engineering background, involved with sustainability issues throughout the
  • Pacific for the past 25 years.
  • Designed power systems for the NASA – HISEAS Mars Habitat, powered by renewable energy and hydrogen fuel cells
  • In 2010, Paul co-founded Blue Planet Research to promote distributed generation micro-grids using renewable energy technologies.  Blue Planet Research has been conducting real-world testing of renewable energy generation and storage technologies along with micro-grid design. Various battery technologies and hydrogen systems have been tested locally, demonstrating the feasibility of energy independence on the Island of Hawai’i.  Blue Planet Research is currently engaged in clean energy production for electricity, transportation, and agriculture applications and to achieve energy independence and security, and sustainability for Hawai’i and the planet.


September 17, 2015
Energy Independence, Hawai’i Style